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Automotive dealerships require just-in time arrival of vehicles into the selling plan-o-gram ensuring “in-stock” position allowing them to capture sales in an extremely competitive environment. Dealerships located in high-density metropolitan areas have special needs for vehicle storage. Because of the scarcity of floor/staging space and exuberant retail cost per square foot, dealerships require staging lots or storage hubs in multiple locations. These hubs are essentially outside warehouses where vehicles are staged and processed in advance of arrival into dealership site. These hubs reduce the operating costs of dealerships. OEMs also benefit from this approach because they are able to place vehicles into a fast moving marketplace with proximity to the dealership supporting increased sales at reduced operating costs. The storage hubs become an extension of the dealership (or OEM) requiring real-time data visibility of all vehicles, tacking the various stages of movement and processing prior to their arrival into the dealership plan-o-gram.

The Carlinx Real-Time Storage Hubs and Retrieval Solution (SHRS) provides dealers the ability to warehouse vehicles in multiple locations equipping them with critical information in real-time. The Carlinx cloud-based system becomes a repository of real-time data documenting the movement and status of each vehicle. Carlinx service provides pickup and delivery of vehicles to and from our storage locations. Our locations are open Monday through Saturday. Lease returns and trade ins are transported to our storage facilities to maximize selling area at the dealership. Financial Institutions and Auto’s destined for auctions are consolidated for efficient transportation to final destinations. Carlinx can provide transportation for individual auto or full truckloads. Our services are designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize sales.